Single, multiple or no ear piercings, we have something for everyone. Some of our studs are sold as singles for easy layering. No piercings? Our ear cuffs are a great alternative to fake a layered look.
9k Solid Gold (Pair) Birkin Huggies $845.00
9k Solid Gold (Pair) Rectangle Hoops $1,320.00
9k Solid Gold (Pair) Tapered Hoops $1,578.00
9k Solid Gold (Pair) Ripple Hoops SOLD OUT
9k Solid Gold (Pair) Two-Way Huggies $1,425.00
9k Solid Gold (Pair) Paperclip Earrings $1,473.00
9k Solid Gold Earring Chain 2.0 $190.00
14k Solid Gold (Pair) Radial Hoops SOLD OUT
9k Solid Gold (Single) Euphoria Stud $581.00
Sterling Silver (Single) Euphoria Stud $344.00
9k Solid Gold (Single) Trio Stud $370.00
Sterling Silver (Single) Molten Dash Stud $132.00
9k Solid Gold (Single) Molten Dot Stud $291.00
Sterling Silver (Single) Molten Dot Stud $132.00
9k Solid Gold (Pair) Aura Hoops from $792.00
Sterling Silver (Pair) Aura Hoops from $417.00
9k Solid Gold (Single) Crystal Line #1 Stud $396.00
Sterling Silver (Single) Crystal Line #1 Stud $238.00
9k Solid Gold (Single) Crystal Line #2 Stud $449.00
Sterling Silver (Single) Crystal Line #2 Stud $264.00
9k Solid Gold (Single) Crystal Line #3 Stud $555.00
Sterling Silver (Single) Crystal Line #3 Stud $317.00
- Earring Chain from $48.00
9k Solid Gold (Single) Sleeper Halo Hoop from $396.00
Sterling Silver (Single) Sleeper Halo Hoop from $159.00
9k Solid Gold Rosa Ear Cuff $634.00
Sterling Silver Rosa Ear Cuff SOLD OUT
9k Solid Gold Ear Cuff $576.00
Sterling Silver Ear Cuff $259.00
9k Solid Gold Lumière Ear Cuff $576.00
Sterling Silver Lumière Ear Cuff $259.00
9k Solid Gold Fine Ear Cuff $396.00
Sterling Silver Fine Ear Cuff $206.00
9k Solid Gold (Single) Molten Drop Stud $581.00
Sterling Silver (Single) Molten Drop Stud $312.00
9k Solid Gold (Single) Molten Circle Stud $634.00
Sterling Silver (Single) Molten Circle Stud $312.00
9k Solid Gold (Pair) Arc Earrings $792.00


Types of Earrings

Studs: Stud earrings are the most commonly seen type of earring that has a front detail, a straight earring post, and a push on earring backing. When worn, the earring stays typically fixed and doesn't move.

Hoops: Hoops are any earrings that are in the shape of a ring or circle where the earring goes through the ear piercing and joins back up to the other end of the ring or circle.

Sleepers: Sleeper earrings are a type of hoop where the earring does not appear to have any raised seams when it is closed. This provides a level of comfort for the wearer where they can 'sleep' comfortably wearing them.

Huggies: Huggies are another type of hoop that are small and fit closely or 'hug' the ear when worn.

Flatback: Flatback earrings are a type of earring suited primarily for cartilage piercings. They are characterised by a flat end to the post and are a thicker gauge than your standard push post studs. They can be internally or externally threaded.

Ear Cuff: Ear cuffs are half circle ear accessories that can be slotted onto the edge of your ear without the need for passing through a piercing. They are designed to be worn in the middle part of the ear where there is a deeper ridge for the piece to be secured.

The term "internally threaded" refers to our flatback cartilage earrings.

These earrings consist of 2 parts:

1. A front piece: which has the design of the earring

2. A back piece: which is a hollow post that the front piece screws into

The earrings are described as 'internally threaded' because the receiving end that the front piece is being screwed into has the grooves (or threading) on the inside of the piece.

Jewellery Care

All of our jewellery is crafted in either solid gold or sterling silver. We don't do any plated or filled pieces so that means our jewellery is waterproof and won't fade or degrade with contact to water.

You are safe to wear them in water, but to keep them in the best condition make sure you clean them or rinse with clean water afterwards. Ensure they are securely attached to your ear to avoid any accidental loss in any of these environments.

Lastly, we would advise against wearing them in chlorinated pools and hot tubs, as the water is chemically treated and may damage either the metal or gemstones over time.

All of our earrings are crafted in precious metals only: either solid gold or sterling silver. We don't do any plated, vermeil or filled pieces.

Some earrings are sold as a single piece. Those will be labelled in the title of the product and would be the best place to order any replacement earrings.

If you've lost an earring that isn't sold as singles, or if you require a replacement earring back, please get in touch with us.

Styling & Fit

Our flatback earrings come in 6mm and 8mm lengths. The best length would depend on how thick your cartilage is, and since everyone is different it will vary by piercing.

The best way to determine the right post length for you is to compare a flatback earring you currently have.

This could be the piece you were originally pierced with. This would generally be longer than the length that would best fit you because piercers will use a longer post to accommodate for any swelling that may occur just after your ear has been pierced.

Put the earring in and measure any excess length on the post and subtract it from the overall length. You would want the back of the earring to sit almostflush to your skin but leave a small space to give it some room to sit comfortably. That will give you an idea of which size would fit you best.

If you don't have a flatback earring, you can also use a regular push post earring.

There are a couple of things to consider when understanding if an earring will fit you:

1. Position of ear piercings: Different parts of the ear will be pierced with varying sizes of needles. The lobes will generally be pierced with a thinner needle, and cartilage piercings are pierced with a thicker needle.

2. Types of earrings:
Different styles of earrings will have varying thickness and length of posts. Therefore, not all earrings are suitable for all ear piercings.

  • Standard studs will have a post thickness of about 0.8-0.9mm in thickness and are generally suitable for all lobe piercings.
  • Flatback earrings are thicker ~1.2mm, so may not fit in all lobe piercings. Or, if you have a cartilage piercing that was downsized before it was fully healed, then your piercing may have shrunk and not be able to fit a flatback earring but may only fit a standard push post earring.
  • Sleepershave a thickness of about 1mm, so they are in between your standard studs and flatback earrings. They will generally fit both lobe and cartilage piercings, but if they are too tight, a good amount of vaseline applied to the piercing and earring may help to slide the earring through.

Due to hygiene reasons we have a strict no returns or exchanges policy for pierced earrings. If you have any questions about our pieces prior to purchase, please get in touch and we'd be happy to assist!


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