I wonder... with Kimi Juan-Caja

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I wonder... with Kimi Juan-Caja


In this series, we get to know our favourite Instagram muses and ask them questions you've always wondered...

Kimi is living proof that style and conscious living are not mutually exclusive.

The new mum-of-one is a ubiquitous ambassador for slow living and sustainable fashion. Not to mention, one of our absolute favourite style muses!

Scrolling through her feed you'll understand why she's one of the most sought after Filipino creatives.

Her effortless relaxed style and neutral palette are the perfect canvas for our dainty jewels.


Hey Kimi,

I was wondering...

How did you get started in your creative career?

I’ve always loved photography and arts since I was younger, and back in college I left my biology course to pursue a degree in photography. It was all... I wouldn't say 'an accident', but everything fell into place from there. I started as a fashion and portrait photographer and even dived into journalism and advertising, but found home with travelling. I travelled everywhere and shared my experiences online and next thing I knew, I was working for tourism boards and hotels all over the world.

What’s your philosophy around living sustainably? How do you apply that to your everyday life and the work that you do?

That we have to live according to our values, it's the only way something will stick. Living a conscious life is part of who I am and I translate that into my work and life by practicing my values everyday. Ever since my “aha!” moment, I’ve reduced my waste, I’ve only worked with brands that stand by the same ethos and values I live by and I think that's what keeps me going.

How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

Simple, Classic, Conscious.

What are your favourite sustainable brands at the moment?

I’ve connected with so many brands online which is what I love about social media, but my favourites so far are: Posse, Laneway, Savannah Morrow, Boheme Goods, Bahhgoose, Arkitaip, Laude, Yoli and Otis, and you of course!

What do you wish brands would do more (or less) to improve their sustainability?

I hope they would connect more with the makers of their pieces, to recognise them as a core part of their brand.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery? If so, is there a sentimental story behind it?

Everything my mum has passed down to me is a favourite! Some pieces my dad gave her when they were first married and some my grandma gave her as well.

Do you prefer silver, yellow gold or rose gold?

Yellow gold, forever!

How do you slow down and unwind after a stressful week?

Cuddles with my daughter and a glass of hot matcha.

As an avid traveller, what are your top 5 essential items you always need to pack?

A nice white button down, phone, a bikini, coconut oil, and a hat!

What was the most surprising thing you learnt after becoming a new mother?

That everything comes naturally. We aren't handed a handbook after birth but the motherly instincts are real and I was surprised at how much I just knew, just because.


You can find Kimi on Instagram at @kimijuan
Kimi wears the Double Initial Necklace on the 18-20" Aura Chain in solid 9k yellow gold.